Dynamika has designed the SPABIKE ®, a concept combining balneotherapy and fitness exercise. We supply a range of equipement such as the Spabike Tonic and Relax and the Spa jogger which offer biking and walking exercices combined with multple jet massage.

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Aqua draining benefits

The benefits of hydrotherapy have been recognized for thousands of years.
Active hydrotherapy combines spa health-care with physical exercise.
The SPA-BIKE bath contributes remarkably to the improvement and treatment of circulatory problems.
Hydro massage biking therapy is a health care and fitness revolution. Active lymphatic drainage strengthens circulation and has positive and beneficial results on health and skin texture and improves athletic endurance.

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Customise you Spabike

Your Spabike can be customised woth many colors and advanced functions

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Spa°bike Tonic


Aquacycling in cabin :